v. dipped, dip•ping, n.
1) to plunge temporarily into a liquid, so as to moisten, dye, or take up some of the liquid
2) to take up by bailing or ladling:
to dip water out of a boat[/ex]
3) to lower and raise:
to dip a flag in salutation[/ex]
4) ahb. to immerse in a solution containing an insecticide or pesticide
5) to make (a candle) by repeatedly plunging a wick into melted tallow or wax
6) brit. Chiefly Brit. to lower (headlights); dim
7) to plunge into a liquid and emerge quickly
8) to reach down into a liquid or container so as to remove something (usu. fol. by into)
9) to withdraw something in small amounts:
to dip into one's savings[/ex]
10) to sink:
The sun dipped below the horizon[/ex]
11) to incline downward:
The road dips into a valley[/ex]
12) to decrease slightly or temporarily:
Stock-market prices often dip on Fridays[/ex]
13) to engage slightly in a subject:
to dip into astronomy[/ex]
14) to read here and there in a book or author's work (often fol. by into)
15) the act of dipping
16) something taken up by dipping
17) coo a scoop of ice cream
18) dial. a substance into which something is dipped
19) coo a creamy mixture of seasoned foods for scooping with a cracker, potato chip, etc., served as an appetizer
20) pes a solution containing an insecticide or pesticide for use in dipping animals
21) a momentary lowering
22) a moderate or temporary decrease
23) a downward inclination, slope, or course
24) the amount of this
25) a hollow or depression in the land
26) a brief swim
27) min the downward inclination of a mineral vein or stratum with reference to the horizontal
28) elm the angle that a freely rotating magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
29) a short downward plunge, as of an airplane
30) sts Slang.
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME dippen (v.), OE dyppan dip′pa•ble, adj. syn: dip, immerse, plunge refer to putting something into liquid. To dip is to put down into a liquid quickly or partially and lift out again: to dip a finger into water to test the temperature. immerse denotes a lowering into a liquid until covered by it: to immerse meat in salt water. plunge adds a suggestion of force or suddenness to the action of dipping: to plunge a lobster into boiling water. II
[[t]dɪp[/t]] n. Slang.
sts a naive, foolish, or obnoxious person
Etymology: 1930–35, amer.; prob. back formation from dippy

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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